Video Surveillance Systems

The goal of Digital Innovation is to exceed customer expectations by providing high performance, easy to install/operate integrated video surveillance solutions. The company continues to achieve its goals by focusing on technology quality to ensure customers a unique advantage without sacrificing quality and competitive pricing. Digital Innovation installs professional grade video surveillance systems. Our key to success is to provide the very best in home security equipment along with the best service. Whether you are looking for home security and surveillance systems, security cameras for your business, wired systems, or wireless ones, you'll find the product you need. We offer complete computer based systems which include everything for your monitoring needs. These are designed to be customized to your needs from a small home to a large corporation.

For our Video Surveillance Systems we offer system rentals, sales, service, emergency services and temporary systems.

Video Surveillance System for Schools

School Video Surveillance Systems consist of cameras placed in areas where they can monitor activity as it takes place. These cameras may include features like pan, tilt, and zoom; may be placed in outdoor or indoor locations; and may include infrared recording options. Not only do cameras help you maintain safety around your property, they also discourage misbehavior. Conspicuously placed cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism drastically. Cameras mounted near main entrances and in administrative offices can help you record each visitor as they enter and exit your school. Cameras near exits can also help reduce truancy

Video Surveillance System for Businesses

As business owners and managers, you can view critical areas of your sites (including multi-business locations) by means of PC or mobile devices. Monitor staff behavior, service and attitude, transactions at cash registers, loading docks, lock boxes, and safes. We at Digital Innovation can help you keep an eye on areas of your business that are most important to you. Our observation system includes one or more strategically-placed cameras that allow you to monitor activities from an LCD screen.

Video Surveillance System for Residential

Most residential homes are equipped with surveillance cameras to observe children and hired help left at home. It is a vital concern among homeowners to secure their properties as well as their children away from harm. Here at digital Innovation we provide that key to keeping your homes and children safe.