The easy, portable, plug-in way to communicate throughout your home or office. Video intercom systems that enable you to see who is at your door before you open. It's easy to install with many great features. With a video intercom system, we insure that you will feel safer and more secured. Digital Innovation personal intercoms allow you to communicate with each other room to room, and between floors. All Digital Innovation intercoms are fully compatible with each other, so you can expand your system at anytime. You can also use Digital Innovation intercoms for one way audio monitoring of the nursery, playroom, pool or the bedroom when family members are sick. They are also very easy to operate just plug them in to an electrical outlet, turn them on and talk.

For our Intercoms we offer system rentals, sales, service, emergency services and temporary systems.

Intercoms for Schools

Quickly install new or replacement intercoms and paging systems at an affordable price. Improve Campus security, add emergency alert capabilities and develop better communications to multi-building or multi-campus systems. Administrators, clerks or other personnel authorized to use the intercom system may call any individual such as a teacher, student, custodian, etc. We help you get in contract with other the other staff as soon as possible in the event of an emergency or if you just need to find them.

Intercoms for Businesses

With a widespread of business communications being domestic, it's important to have a communication structure that allows you to reach employees quickly without interfering with their work flow. Complement office telephone systems with one of our intercoms that allow you to speak with people in areas where phones are not installed. This type of system would be ideal in a reception or lobby area, where visitors are likely to come to the front entrance. Identifying a visitor before allowing them access improves the security and adds convenience to any business.

Intercoms for Residential

The convenience of instant voice communications throughout your household is easy to achieve, you can end the shouting from room-to-room and the rush to meet a delivery person at the door. Our home intercom system allows you to relay messages easily throughout your home. You'll also be able to talk with visitors at your front door from any location in your house. There are models for every size family and house with an assortment of different features, including one that will meet your needs. Whether you have to call everyone to the dinner table, monitor a napping infant, see who's at the front door, or conference with your spouse in the home office do it all at a convenience to you.