Access Control

Here at Digital Innovation we hold quality, workplace and product safety as key to get the job done. Access Control fulfills a dual role: in addition to keeping unauthorized people out, they have to let authorized users through. In addition to allowing or denying access, many access control systems track who comes and goes and when.

For our Access Control we offer system rentals, sales, service, emergency services and temporary systems.

Access Control for Schools

Access control to school campuses and buildings is a top concern for most school officials. School administrators struggle with maintaining a balance between having a user-friendly, welcoming school climate and a facility which is secure from unwanted intruders. While even the best school access control efforts will likely not guarantee that a determined outsider will not be able to gain access to the school, we at Digital Innovation take reasonable steps to reduce the risks of unauthorized access.

Access Control for Businesses

In your business you have a lot of people coming and going with and access control panel you can assure that only the authorized can gain entry. Using electronic card access, CCTV monitoring, biometric security, video employee badging, hand readers and door hardware are some of the products we offer here at Digital Innovation. Not only do we sell the products that you see on this website we also do installation with custom security packages.

Access Control for Residential

A complete remote entry solution, it gives you total control over your lock including the ability to; verify lock status and lock or unlock your door remotely using a mobile device or the internet. Receive notifications when someone enters your home (great for tracking when the kids come home). Remotely add or delete entry codes. One unique feature is that the deadbolts are motorized traditional locks require someone to turn the deadbolt after it's been unlocked.